Property Management

Plymouth Healing Communities provides mission-driven property management at the House of Healing, the Hofmann House, Grace Apartments, the Argonaut Apartments, and the Admiral.  Property management at Plymouth Healing Communities is aligned with PHC’s mission to create lasting, supportive housing for people living with mental illness.  Our Property Management staff see themselves as working within the companionship model, and walk side by side with residents to help them meet the obligations of their lease and retain wellness.  

Additionally, Property Management at Plymouth Healing Communities is responsible for: 

  • Ensuring compliance with fair housing laws and regulations. 
  • Ensuring a quality living environment at PHC where housing is safe, clean, and accessible.  
  • Coordinating care between service providers and other PHC staff to ensure housing retention and stability for tenants.  
  • Overseeing the effective operations of the housing. 
  • Ensuring each housing building stays within its budget.   
  • Creating a welcoming environment, where Property Management is accessible to the tenants.