Phc Staff

Stephanie Monroney, Interim Executive Director

Stephanie spent the first 25 years of her professional life in corporate finance and accounting, beginning with Price Waterhouse and later working in CFO and Controllership roles for both large companies like GE and smaller distribution and retail companies ranging in size from $18M to $350M in revenue. The career was both challenging and rewarding but, over time she knew that something important was missing in her life. She left her corporate career in 2015 and plunged into the non-profit world where she was drawn to working with vulnerable people, those living without food and shelter, neighbors coping with mental illness and substance abuse, and people of all ages who are facing devastating diagnoses or who are in the final stage of their lives. Her work as the Director of Queen Anne Food Bank in Seattle and her ongoing volunteer efforts as a hospice and respite provider opened her up to the realization that we are all interconnected in our basic human frailty but that we also can provide so much strength and support to one another through the simple act of companionship. She is honored to be a part of Plymouth Healing Communities.   

Chris Wilcynski, Director of Community and Social Services 

Allowing service to be a guiding force in Chris’ life has led her to amazing places, including the Peace Corps, providing educational support for kids living in low income housing properties, engaging in intense therapeutic work with children and families in crisis, and opening a restaurant, as well as PHC. She initially began her commitment to PHC as the House Manager, then assisted in the formation of the Community Companion Program and has recently shifted her role to the Director of Community and Social Services. Other sources of great joy in her life are her husband and 3 kiddos, running, exploring new parts of our world, playing with friends, and getting outside.

David Fliegel, Property Manager

David likes finding practical ways to make people’s lives a little easier. His professional background started with engineering and led to software development, where he eventually discovered the satisfaction of service to non-profit organizations. He enjoys the sense of community and common purpose he finds at PHC. David keeps his inner engineer and idealist happy by incorporating environmentally sustainable technologies and practices wherever possible. When he’s not responding to emergencies at the apartments, he tries to catch up with his two active teenagers.

Drew Dasse, Operations Manager

Having graduated from Full Sail Private University with a background in Digital Media and Fine Arts, Drew has always found creative ways of fighting for social justice and advocacy. In 2005, Drew spent a year painting a 25-piece exhibit in Central Florida to raise awareness and funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. While living in East Tennessee, he started a local publication that focused on politics, culture, arts and entertainment, in hopes to unite and provide an outlet for LGBT persons. Shortly after relocating to Washington, Drew worked as an Executive Assistant at a property management and realtor firm. Having learned the intricacies in the Seattle housing market, Drew is thrilled to be part of the staff at PHC and is looking forward to sharing his inspirations and expertise to this great organization.

Jacob Stuivenga, Program Coordinator

Jacob has a passion for social justice and advocacy. Initially putting his time into volunteer service at a local emergency shelter, he became involved in various aspects of the program, encountering the overlapping repercussions of systemic oppression and interpersonal trauma. Wanting to develop his own capacity as an advocate, Jacob earned a Master's degree in Social Work in 2016, joining his previous studies in film production and critical theory with a framework for direct practice. He is enthusiastic about his role at Plymouth Healing Communities, where he oversees the House of Healing and Community Companion programs. Jacob enjoys participating in companionship, drawing on his love of learning, storytelling, photography, music, cooking, and connecting with nature.

Angie Jacobs, Resident Services Coordinator

Angie has a desire to center human connection and relationship in her everyday life. She has a strong commitment to continued personal growth and healing so that she can show up fully for others, in both her work and personal life. Angie has previously worked as a mental health specialist at Navos inpatient, has lived in the House of Healing for a year as a residential companion, and has experience as a mental health case manager with DESC. Her experience as a companion at the House of Healing highlighted for her the important role that community and connection play in healing and recovery. The relationships she built at House of Healing continue to enrich her life today, and she has a strong desire to continue expanding her connection to the broader PHC community in her role as Resident Services Coordinator.