PHC Policy For Personal Vehicle Use

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These policies and procedures have been established to provide consistency in the in the management vehicles used for Plymouth Healing Communities (PHC) activities, whether owned by PHC or its volunteers. 

The purpose of the Vehicle Use Policy is to establish a fair process for the use of PHC’s owned and/or leased vehicles and to monitor the use of vehicles used and owned by volunteers for PHC related activities.  

I. Use of PHC owned or leased vehicles for personal use is prohibited. 

2. Drivers must be qualified and approved by PHC in advance of use, maintain required licenses and personal automobile insurance when using privately owned vehicles.  No person under the age of 18 shall be permitted to operate a vehicle on behalf of a PHC activity, even in relief. 

3. Drivers shall be qualified and approved only by Chris Wilcynski, Director of Community and Social Services. 

4. Use of a PHC vehicle or privately owned vehicles for PHC activities should be planned at least one week in advance of the need. 

5. Drivers shall drive responsibly at all times and follow all traffic regulations, including the speed limit. Vans are particularly susceptible to rollover if sharp turns are made at excessive speed. 

6. While operating a PHC owned or privately owned vehicle: 

  • Children shall ride in approved safety seats as required by State law. 

  • All passengers must wear seatbelts at all times.  There may be no more passengers in the vehicle than seatbelts available. 

  • Smoking is prohibited by drivers or passengers 

  • Drivers may not initiate or receive phone calls or text messages while the vehicle is on a public roadway even at a stop light. 

  • The driver is the guardian of both passengers and the reputation of PHC.  Aggressive driving will not be tolerated. 

  • Drivers and occupants are expected to treat the vehicle with respect and operate it gently.  

  • The time out, time in, mileage out and mileage in shall be recorded on the vehicle log. 

  • Any maintenance defect or damage shall be recorded on the vehicle log and reported to Program Coordinator. 

  • Leave the vehicle in the condition you would expect to receive it from others. 

7.  Any traffic accident or traffic violation shall be reported immediately to Program Coordinator.  Obtain the name of the police department and the police report number at the scene. 

8.  To drive on behalf of the PHC is a privilege, and PHC reserves the right to remove any driver from the approved driver list. 

9.  When transportation will be provided as a caravan, chaperones and drivers shall plan in advance to assure appropriate adult/child ratios and careful accounting for children at rest stops, way points and pick-up/drop-off.  Children will be released only to approved parents/guardians. 

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