Companionship is a model of walking alongside an individual experiencing difficult life events, offering the gifts of time and presence. Through companionship, respect and empathy are shared, trust and care are developed, and community is fostered. Most residents of our housing are affected by mental health issues, have experienced periods of homelessness, continue to overcome poverty, and are seeking to strengthen their stability and recovery. Our goal is to cultivate a community of healing with residents, forming supportive relationships that honor the well-being, self-determination, and dignity of all.

"Companionship is about listening with the heart"

"Companionship is about listening with the heart"


Residential Staff Member

At House of Healing, residential staff commit to living in community alongside residents, modeling companionship, developing supportive relationships, and promoting individual and communal well-being. The house itself is a beautiful eight-bedroom home, where five residents and three residential staff members form deep connections with one another by sharing common living space and meals (read more about the program here). Staff members work up to 30 hours per week in the community and are compensated with room and board at the house (read more about the position here).

Volunteer Companion Program

Our Volunteer Program is a unique and significant opportunity to help us build community with residents and decrease the isolation that too often stems from housing instability, poverty, and mental health issues. Through regular one-on-one meet-ups, group gatherings at our properties, and community outings, residents regain a sense of connection and confidence in engaging with others. Volunteers work together and individually to actively engage residents by:

  • preparing and sharing a meal

  • playing board games

  • exploring Seattle/surrounding neighborhoods

  • doing DIY craft projects

  • watching movies

  • going out for coffee/tea

  • walking around a local park

  • and much, much more!

We are always looking for new volunteers to join us in supporting our residential community (read more about volunteer positions here). We ask that volunteers commit to one year of service and to volunteering 4-8 hours per month. Click here to apply today!

PHC community gathers at the House of Healing

PHC community gathers at the House of Healing